Wedding Ring Workshops
milling red gold wedding bands fingerprint wedding ring
Make wedding rings with your own hands!

From start-to-finish, you will work under the guidance of an experienced jeweler to ensure that your finished rings are of professional quality. While each class is tailored to the individual design of you pair of rings, you should start with design.

You can spend a few minutes to several weeks designing wedding rings. Choices are limitless. Discuss your ideas with each other and with us, and we can help you to develop your design. If you would like to make designing your ring a full stage in the process, we will meet in advance of our studio session to discuss design.

Materials - Here is a quick listing of the different jewelry metals we work with and their properties.

When it comes to making rings, we will choose either fabrication or casting.

Fabrication is the process of forging, bending and soldering a piece of precious metal into the shape you desire. Most rings in our shop are created through fabrication so that clients can enjoy the remarkable malleability and beauty of gold or platinum as it works its way from rod to wedding ring.

Casting is the process in which molten metal is introduced into a mold to form a piece of jewelry. Casting is good for creating pieces with more fluid movement throughout the design as well as dramatic differences in thickness. Since a mold must be made of your original model, cast wedding rings will require multiple visits to our studio.